Angels Among Us
2011, oil on board, 24" x 24"


After graduating with a degree in the History of Art at the University of California at Berkeley, Pamela Mills moved to Seattle. Her earlier studies included studio practice in painting and drawing at Canada College, UC Berkeley, and the San Francisco Art Institute. She has shown throughout the Northwest since 1987, including solo shows at colleges and at Gallery 110 in Seattle. 

Mills' work responds to the sheer physical presence and metaphorical power of trees in the Northwest forest. Her paintings stand as a rough homage to the complex, mysterious and vulnerable aliveness of the forest. Moving between observed specificity and a loose, gestural abstraction, Mills' works with shifting levels of order and randomness, "arriving at a piece that takes me by surprise."

She lives with her husband in a rural community in northwest Washington, surrounded by the forest environment that is the source of her visual encounters with a beleaguered world.